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The Ocean Bloom Project at the Australian Dive Expo! - The Jitterbugs

July 23, 2018

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Solomon Islands

December 13, 2017

The Jitterbugs have had an exciting time in Honiara performing for 35,000 at the Lawson Tama Stadium in Honiara, their annual Carols event and this one being their tenth year and The Jitterbugs being their 1st International Children's show ever! A very exciting event for all of the people here, not only in Honiara but all of the islands came together for this special Christmas event - Western, Eastern Province and Mailata. We were very lucky to be sponsored by Solomon Airlines, Heritage Park Hotel and DJ Graphics the organisers of the event.

It is the rain season so has restricted us for visiting the outer provinces which we wanted to visit but have been busy going to Turtle Beach and Hammock Beach where we met Jenna Allen the Solomon Islands number 1 swimmer, who was very upset with the fact that there is no Olympic Pools for her to train in and she has to swim in the Ocean and has to fly to Brisbane to train with her coach..My daughters Brielle and Jessica and son Jackson are all very keen to introduce into our show for next year an Ocean Awareness Programme. Its been an amazing trip snorkelling around the Japanese War ships, visiting the War Memorial. A beautiful place here, so peaceful and green and organic. Love it..Cant wait to do it again next year. Lets all do what we can to make this a wonderful, beautiful and peaceful world we live in and cherish what we have. 


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May 7, 2019