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The Ocean Bloom Project at the Australian Dive Expo! - The Jitterbugs

July 23, 2018

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Ocean Awareness

February 24, 2018

Hi Im Brielle and I play Brie the Bee in the show! I'm currently still at school in year 12 and am passionate about animals and the ocean. I'm an ambassador for One Ocean Global, volunteer for ORRCA and participate in local Clean4Shore rubbish/debris clean ups. I am so lucky to be able to travel with my family entertaining children and recently to the Solomon Islands for a show! I freedive so this was an amazing trip where I could explore the underwater magic of such a beautiful place. It was there that I saw first hand how huge and global our plastic pollution problem really is and influenced me to change my habits by refusing plastic bags, straws, replacing single use plastics such as coffee cups, drink bottles and cutlery with reusable, eco-friendly items. My dream is to be able to incorporate marine conservation into the Jitterbugs to educate children and families all over the world on ways we can be aware and help the oceans and marine life starting with the reduction of single use plastics and being conscious of the "fish" that is sold at fish and chip shops which may actually be shark meat that is toxic to the body and devastating for the already affected shark populations. I believe that lots of small, individual actions can greatly impact the earth that we share with all creatures. So if we all join together we can really make a difference! 

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May 7, 2019